As AHA and American Red Cross Certified Instructors, we provide you with great quality level of CPR and life-saving instruction, leaving you with valuable life skills to carry for a lifetime!  We offer courses from businesses to individual certifications.  Learn how to save a life today ! 

What we offer as a Full Service Provider

Shock For Life is a full service business that will guide each and every customer through the steps needed to establish a PAD (public access defibrillation) program.

From the initial step of selecting the best AED for your business, ideal placement of the AED within your facility, setting up the medical director, writing the protocol for the AED, initial certification Heartsaver AED training for your employees, re-certification every 2 years, and follow up in the case of an event. Shock For Life will be there to guide you every step of the way. 


Shock For Life will notify you when your electrodes need to be replaced, when your battery needs to be changed and when your employees are due to be re-certified.

When purchasing an AED through Shock for Life, you are purchasing not only the machine, but the Service that goes along with owning the AED